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Black girl stands tall, holding a megaphone. A toy cart includes a placard which reads, You Can Make A Difference.

by Nathan Bryon

illustrated by Dapo Adeola


Rocket is back. And this time she’s hollering about books. Every Friday, Rocket, Mum and brother Jamal (still always-integrated with his mobile phone) visit the public library, where Rocket eats up all the books. But on this visit, she finds out her beloved library is about to close due to a lack of funds. Disaster. Still, this is one child who really knows how to use her voice and, thanks to her latest read about Rosa Parks, she now knows everything there is to know about peaceful protests. Soon the library is surrounded by a group of lively demonstrators, all dressed up in matching, Rocket-standard-issue, bright orange, astronaut outfits.


A celebration of community and activism. Comes with a ‘Speak Up’ list of great leaders and a ‘Read Up’ list of inspirational books. We remain, as ever, very appreciative of the range of hairstyles Dapo Adeola entertains (locs, puffs, flat tops), plus thumbs up to the super-cool librarian, Layla. ‘I love the depiction of Black family life- and that children have agency’ (Patrice, Children’s/YA Author, Letterbox Library reviewer). See Rocket in her other activist role in Clean Up!, also on our website. Protagonist of colour; wide range of ethnicities (+ Hijabi girl); single parent (mum) family. Great to see secondary characters of colour who are also in significant roles- newsreader, mayor. Age 4-7,  Paperback 30pp 


Themes: Diverse Families 


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