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Simple pictograms show a pink, female symbol breaking out of a blue, male symbol.

by Lisa Williamson


"Two boys. Two secrets". Everyone around David thinks he's gay. But all he really wants is to be a girl. Meanwhile, starting over at the new, posh school, Leo just wants to keep his head down. But he has secrets too and secrets have a nasty way of slipping out... A novel which has generated quite a bit of interest on social media, this is the first we've read starring a transgender protagonist which is set in the UK and which has also passed the stringent opinions of our review team! And there is a great deal to like about it: a nicely paced plot, well drawn characters and a knowledgeable, sensitive portrayal of transgender identities. Age 13-16, Hardback 351pp


Themes: LQBTQ+


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    No Outsiders
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