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by Nikesh Shukla
illustrated by Rochelle Falconer


"Family is about the ones we choose... as well as the ones we are related to". (Vinay)

Vinay, Musa, Nish and Inua are tight. Vinay speaks the truth, Musa makes peace, Nish deliberates and Inua, chaos seeker, is the best storyteller (did you ever hear such a hilarious version of The Scorpion and The Frog?!) Football, Marvel and Spidey are their friendship glue. Together, they are Vinay's "crew, his council". So surely nothing, nobody, not even Vinay's irritating cousin, can bust them apart?

A tender and thoughtful evocation of boys' camaraderie, friendship and intimacy. Peppered with a razor-sharp humour and Rochelle Falconer's characterful illustrations. We just loved this.

"Writing The Council of Good Friends, it became important to me to show boys showing their feelings. I was concerned that I didn't see enough books out there, for boys, that showed them to be vulnerable and communicative and forgiving when they annoy each other. Boys who could be soft and sad in front of each other. (author Nikesh Shukla; Booktrust blog Sep 2023). Age 7-10, Paperback 147pp


Themes: Gender Equality   Themes: Mental Health and Wellbeing


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