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by C. Johnson, P. Lawrence, T. Byrne, I. Masters et al; foreward by Darren Chetty


12 writers. Established names and newcomers. A rainbow of genres: historical fiction; magical realism; dystopian; romance; contemporary realism. This anthology is the result of a very fine, thoughtful and interesting curation - which is just what we would expect from Stripes publishing. Favourites of ours include Lawrence's nightmare vision of a reality game show in which lives are thoroughly expendable (set in Brighton); Masters' mind-twisting, timeslip where the past and future bump against each other in a post box; Bryne's beautiful, lilting (queer) love story set in Hackney. The mix of voices and styles makes this collection perfect for capturing a wide range of readers and for bringing new readers in. A great gift for the teen in your life. And, if we controlled the content of the national curriculum, we would have 'A Change is Gonna Come' as a set text. No hesitation. The variety and breadth of stories are crying out for in-depth analysis and the contemporary, relatable content will make it easy to engage students in those studies. A publishing triumph. As the author, Aisha Bushby said of this collection, "This year, Stripes are publishing as many BAME YA voices in this anthology as the rest of the industry combined". Age 12+, Paperback 308pp


Themes: LQBTQ+


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