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The face of a boy, surrounded by football paraphernalia: old-fashioned football boot and football; whistle; trophy etc.

by Richard O’Neill


A much needed addition to Scholastic UK’s ‘Voices’, a UK historical fiction series designed to “reflect the authentic, unsung stories of our past”.


Lijah lives in a Traveller community near Sheffield in the 19th century. He enjoys being immersed in Traveller culture but, when his mum wants him to attend ‘Gorja’ school, he also discovers a love of football. He knows he has talent but he’s never heard of a Romani footballer going professional. Surely, that’s only a game for Gorja people? Can he follow his heart while staying loyal to his family and his community?  And will Mam and Dad ever accept that older brother, Henry, want so be ‘settled’?


A short novel which conveys perfectly how history and shared stories can play a key part in developing a solid, positive identity. Packed with authenticity from the scattering of Romani terms (there’s a glossary at the back) to the tribute to real life former Romani England football player, Rab Howell who played for Sheffield United and Liverpool. By Romani Gypsy oral storyteller and author, Richard O’Neil. ‘Great to learn about Romani way of life. Well written, convincing, natural’ (Fiona, School Librarian, Letterbox Library Reviewer). Age 9-12, Paperback 177pp


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