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A Black woman stands on a plinth with a fist raised. Below her, people hold signs with slogans like, "We need Peace" "BLM".

by Angela Joy and Jen Reid

illustrated by Leire Salaberria


“This world needs a new generation of Heroes and my hope is that this book will empower you to become a hero and stand up for what is right. Be brave. When you see injustice, call it out. This world needs heroes like you” (Jen Reid)


Each day a child walks past a bronze man, “A man who sold freedom for cotton and tea.” And then, after him, there is the stone man. Both are called heroes but, the child insists, neither are heroes to her. She wonders, where are the true Heroes? The ones “who hold Peace and Justice, Courage and Kindness in their hands”? And so, she goes on a quest to find them.


A remarkably astute, canny and reflective picture book which manages to navigate some hefty social justice themes through the most accessible of formats. Crucially, the text engages with events children will have witnessed or heard about in recent years through those ubiquitous social media feeds (the murder of George Floyd, Black Lives Matter, the toppling of statues), proving that in skilful hands picture books really can act as critical tools in helping the youngest minds process turbulent events. The backnotes give a wider context and invite the reader to ask questions, alongside an adult, including questions which are centred on unpicking who our culture reveres as heroes and role models. Co-author, Jen Reid, is a British Black Lives Matter activist from Bristol.


“Attractive and engaging… it manages to end on a positive and hopeful note and also includes some useful context and insightful questions to support discussion” (Mark Jennett, Equalities Trainer/Consultant, Letterbox Library reviewer). “I love that the Bristol protest has travelled in to and will be preserved by a picture book. This is the history I want children to learn” (Fen, Letterbox Library staff). “I love this. Wonderful political and historical content which should be easily accessible for the age group” (June, Disability activist. Letterbox Library reviewer). Age 4-8, paperback 32pp


Themes: Black History





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