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by Catherine Johnson


"Newgate Prison, London, September 1712...I knew I was shivering-and not from cold either. In all my fourteen years I'd never been this close to death and it was only hours away. Hours until I was to hang..."

18th Century London, Enslavement, Crime, Punishment- and a band of triumphant fraudsters. An evocative blend of historical and political detail drench this superb escapade in fascination and intrigue. This is classic Johnson: people of colour are fully restored to UK history (where they always existed, yet materialised all too rarely in the world of children's fiction) and girls and boys are handed out equally hefty roles.

Thank goodness that this novel from our UK Doyenne of MG Historical Fiction is back in print, after a short but painful absence. Now with not just a new cover but also a whole seasonal stocking's worth of backnotes, including: an author bio.; a glossary of 18th century slang -know your coney catchers from your nabobs; a reader quiz; tips for aspiring writers. Jamaican-Welsh author (bit of a Londoner too). Age 9-12, Paperback 243pp


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