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Two happy aardvarks hold hands. One holds a hunk of cheese, the other a broccoli floret. Subtitle reads, A Love Story.

by Morag Hood


Two aardvarks, Aalfred and Aalbert, seem destined to never meet even though they would very much like to be one of a pair or one of a two. Can a broccoli floret bring them together in a life of happy-ever-after? A story of love and belonging, ever so simply (and comically) told. 'I just loved this. It made me laugh out loud. An utterly charming story about how people who are happy apart can be even happier together' (Mark, Equalities Trainer/Consultant, Letterbox Library reviewer). A story of friendship, new beginnings or perhaps-also- queer love. Age 3-7, Paperback 28pp


Themes: LQBTQ+


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