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A calf (a young cow) stares out of a silver foil sphere which seems to glow. Surrounded by mushrooms and stars.

by Georgia Byng


Longlisted Little Rebels Award 2024


“Those who have eaten the mushrooms will know already that you glow when your mind is growing or thinking”.


Albi the cow, is blissfully happy with his existence on a dairy farm until he comes across some extraordinary, glowing, milk mushrooms. One or two nibbles later and he is faced with a mind-expanding revelation: he and his peers are destined for the slaughter house! His initial break for freedom accelerates in to an indescribably epic odyssey, from winter to autumn, from his dairy farm to Stonehenge and then onwards to France, Spain, Iran and Pakistan. Along the way, he glows brighter and brighter with the knowledge he accumulates, exposing humanity’s capacity for both huge compassion and cruelty.


A truly heroic adventure which stampedes forever towards new ethical realisations including powerful arguments for veganism, reforestation, plastic alternatives and animal welfare. 


The author hosts a child-friendly website about the climate emergency and climate solutions at www.albitheglowing Because, despite the urgent messaging of the book, “Just like Albi”, the author says, “the future is glowing”. Age 9-12, Paperback 280pp


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