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by Alexandra Penfold
illustrated by Suzanne Kaufman


Watch a group of children go about their school day all the way through to home time...and the start of the very next day! A maximum-celebratory tribute to a gloriously diverse school community made up of different family structures (incl. same-sex parents), different faiths (incl. Sikh, Jewish and Muslim) and one where girls and boys (plus a gender-ambiguous child) and disabled children (wheelchair user, a visually impaired child) all share the same, equally active play and learning. Overarching all the activities is a strong message about welcoming children from every part of the globe, so also perfect for countering anti-immigrant sentiments. Very funny illustrations with lots of detail to take in (we especially loved the sparkle of teeth braces alongside the gappy grins). 'A strong and very necessary message but delivered in a wonderfully child-friendly, vibrant, exciting way' (Elaine, Foster Care Associates Liaison Officer, Letterbox Library reviewer). 'Fab book. Great diversity in children, families, activities...and headgear for bed!' (Meryl, EY Consultant & Trainer, Letterbox Library reviewer). Age 3-6, Paperback 36p.


Themes: Disabilities    Themes: LQBTQ+   Themes: Refugees and Migration


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