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The title is stretched across a central column. Either side are head portraits of some of the people featured in the book.

by Burhana Islam

illustrated by R. Ahmed, D. Alawa, N. H. Ali, S. Khan, A, Jaleel, A. Mardiyah


“Remember that we come from greatness, we are capable of greatness and we are greater than the stereotypes that bind us”. This hugely affirmative note from Bangladeshi-born, Newcastle-raised, author, Burhana Islam, launches this highly illustrated celebration of thirty Muslim greats including actors, poets, mathematicians, pirates and cartographers. There are names you may have heard of, such as Britain’s Yusuf Islam (a.k.a. Cat Stevens), Mo Farah, Noor Inayat Khan, Nadiya Hussain. And, there are some which are perhaps less familiar: comics (incl. Marvel) writer, G. Willow Wilson; rocket scientist, Dr. Abdul Kalam; the Gaza Strip’s ‘Angel of Mercy’, medic Razan Al-Najjar. There are ten pages of bountiful activities at the back, offering code cracking, tips on becoming a Persian poet, how to write a diary entry and an invitation to design your own baking showstopper. Altogether, a very ‘generous’ book which is well worth the cover price. “Definitely YES. A necessary addition to school libraries” (Fiona, School Librarian, Letterbox Library reviewer). “I really enjoyed this book. The illustrations are amazing and the stories are really interesting and the facts are really good” (Isak, young Letterbox Library reviewer). Age 9+, Hardback 197pp


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