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by Tim Federle


Stonewall Honor Book

Nate Foster is a child who dreams of stardom on a New York stage. When he hears that ET-The Musical is casting, he can't resist breaking free of his small town and making it alone to the big city...and to the auditions! A delightful journey of self-discovery ensues, one ultimately full of optimism: "A kid who might have found someplace where he doesn't have to change anything about himself, to fit in. A better Nate than ever". Fantastic characters, including a protagonist full of soul and heart, a cheerleading best friend who blazes with wit and sassiness (Libby) and a sardonic, seen-it-all, downbeat Auntie Heidi. Bouncing with humour, this is also a wonderful exploration of homophobic bullying and what it means to not fit in. Most of all it provides a nuanced, subtle and spot-on representation of a young person who is not quite ready to but is also on the brink of discovering their sexuality...whatever that might be. In the words of one of our reviewers, 'My 11 year old self would have loved this book. There is a real joy here as a boy learns to accept his own identity...will have a special appeal to Glee fans of all genders; its breathless pace, humour and suspense will appeal to many more' (Mark Jennett, Equalities Trainer/Consultant). Age 11+, Paperback 274pp


Themes: Diverse Families    Themes: LQBTQ+   Themes: Bullying


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    No Outsiders
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