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by Tyler Feder


"Freckled bodies, dotted bodies, rosy-patched or speckled bodies. Bodies are cool!" A glorious anthem to our body diversity. The simplest of text and smiliest of illustrations show young children that every body is okay, whatever their size or shape, however wiggly, whatever their skin colour. All hairstyles work: poofy, springy or no hair at all. Hair, generally, is 'in', from leg hair to brows-meet-in-the-middle hair. Welcome scars, stretchmarks, innies, outies, stubby fingers, wrinkly fingers! This is a wonderful homage to our human forms which fittingly embraces a range of disabilities, ethnicities, faiths and, implicitly, gender identities (while also challenging gender stereotypes). 'Wonderful illustrations and so colourful and interesting. So much to see. Lots to discuss' (Meryl, EY Consultant & Trainer, Letterbox Library reviewer). 'I would love to see the representation that is displayed within these beautiful diverse illustrations on TV as children and adults can feel less alone and have someone who looks like them to look up to' (Nicole, Teen Letterbox Library reviewer). Age 3-7, Paperback 30pp


Themes: Disabilities    Themes: Gender Equality   Themes: LGBTQ+


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