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by Nicola Davies
illusrated by Mike Byrne


Grandpa Joe and Granny Lou used to love showing Ben their thriving garden of weeds and blooms, buzzing with bugs, birds and butterflies. They called it their 'private jungle'. But ever since Granny Lou passed away, the garden has gone still and grey. And, Grandpa Joe sits silently, in the dark, on his sofa. He can't even be temped outside by the butterflies. Can Ben bring them to him? A lovely grandparent/grandchild relationship set amidst a wider story of family conflict, transitions, healing, loss and recovery. 'A heart-warming tale of a family finding itself again after a bereavement; (Elena, Community Librarian, Letterbox Library reviewer). 'A lovely book dealing with loss and bereavement and the not too nice side of isolation and withdrawing into oneself' (Elaine, Foster Care Associates Liaison Officer, Letterbox Library reviewer). Chapter book with b&w illustrations. Age 8-12, Paperback 83pp


Themes: Diverse Families   Themes: Mental Health and Wellbeing


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    No Outsiders
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