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A Black girl holds out a large guitar. Behind her is a brick wall with a bright colourful mural.

by Amanda Gorman

illustrated by Loren Long


Remember the young woman who read her poetry at the inauguration of Barack Obama? She made her mark as the youngest presidential inaugural poet in US history. And, here are some of her magical, lyrical words perfectly spaced out over a picture book whose illustrations shimmer with light.


“I can hear change humming,” muses a child of colour as she plays her guitar against a wall emblazoned with the profile of Martin Luther King. She’s joined by a child in a skull cap, carrying a tuba. Together they go on a journey of small actions to stir change: clearing the street, bringing food to someone hungry, showing tolerance to an angry looking child. “There is love where change sings,” they chant. As they continue on their journey, they’re joined by other children, brandishing more instruments. Together, they keep making waves of change, crescendoing in to a  glorious double page mural which immortalises their deeds. The book ends with a gentle summons: “We all hear change strumming. Won’t you sing along?” ‘Lyrical, striking and inclusive’ (Darren, Teacher & Higher Ed. Tutor, Letterbox Library reviewer). [A range of ethnicities amongst the children; a Jewish child; a wheelchair user]. Age 4-8, Hardback 29pp


Themes: Disabilities 


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