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by Nathan Bryon
illustrated by Dapo Adeola


Rocket is back! (see Look Up!) And, she's off with brother Jamal and Mum to visit Grammy and Grampy, a tireless couple who run a whale-watching tour and animal sanctuary (when they're not surfing) in Jamaica. The beach seems full of promise until Rocket's usual glee is cut short by the sight of an itty-bitty baby turtle all tangled up in plastic. Soon it feels like she is spotting plastic everywhere. And so, she resolves on getting together a thumping clean-up crew. Can she get the crowds behind her? And, will Jamal ever look up from that phone? The details in Dapo's illustrations continue to be a master class in visual storytelling with more colour than a jar of Hundreds and Thousands cake sprinkles. Look out for the pet tortoise's food bowels, those salon high end hairstyles (Rocket's cornrow-puff balls combo; Jamal's ever-heightening flat top), Bahaman swallowtail butterflies, Rasta beachman's stretchy string vest, teeny plastic-beach-combing crabs, Gramp's grandad socks-n-sandals look, the row of giant fish recycle bins. A clear environmental message, complete with child-friendly beach-clearing tips, delivered by one of the brightest new picture book characters to come on the scene in recent years. Move over, Lola! (Single parent/mum; Black British author & illustrator). Age 4-7, Paperback 30pp


Themes: Diverse Families


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