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by Gillian Hibbs


Dad Toby and Dad Greg have quite a challenge on their hands, persuading daughter Sasha to part with her oldest sweater. Her Dads call it "dirty"; she protests that is merely "covered in adventures". It bears all the traces and splodges of the failed volcano experiment, the go-kart building, the hungry goat encounter at the city farm and the very spill-y tomato ketchup situation. So, who will win the Battle of the Jumpers?

How gorgeous. A UK-produced picture book, pitched to the very young, which centres a nurturing, loving (mixed race) family which just so happens to be headed by two Dads and which also doesn't shy away from making that relationship unambiguous- as happens in so many other narratives.... (Lovely image also of a wheelchair user from Sasha's friendship group). Age 3-6, Paperback 29pp


Themes: Diverse Families    Themes: LQBTQ+   Themes: Disabilities


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    No Outsiders
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