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by Maisie Chan


"I was really pleased with my newest creation that I called a DRUCKON. It was a mutant duck with a dragon's head. It's very Chinese, if you ask me. Dragons are the most beloved and lucky creatures in Chinese mythology, and ducks are yummy and succulent". Danny is a drawer. He can turn Auntie Yee into a robotic despot and Nai Nai into a cryogenically frozen Ant Gran. And best mate and "comic wingman", Ravi, is always on hand to provide the speech bubbles. Yes, Danny is a drawer. Not a mathematician. Ma and Ba insist that Maths skills are "The Chinese way". It also appears to be The Chinese Way to share a bunk bed with a teeny, elderly, farting, bingo-obsessed relative from China... cue complete mortification for Danny. A wonderful story of intergenerational challenges and love within a British-Chinese family. Chock-a-block with humour and infused with kindness, this is a brilliant debut from Glaswegian-based British-Chinese author, Maisie Chan. The novel is also a Welcoming Hug from her to "all of those British-Chinese and British East and Southeast Asian kids who have never seen a kid who looks like them on the cover of a British middle-grade book". Danny's illustrations are brought to you by London-based Vietnamese artist, Anh Cao. (nb: super portrayal also of a gay male Polish/Malaysian couple who run the local grocers where Nai Nai stocks up on roughage, specifically, bumpy ripe lychees). Age 8-12, Paperback 280pp


Themes: LGBTQ+


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    No Outsiders
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