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A child of colour in dungarees, smiling, her arm around a childish drawing of a tall dog. Lots of stars surround them.

by Daisy Hirst


Nomi draws a sort-of dog, names him Mallory and decorates him with stars. Dad says he has a friendly smile. Her brother says he looks like a bear. He also says she should stick to what she knows, to drawing fish. Mallory says her dog would look more like a dog if she had an actual dog to draw from. Stephen scoffs, “Get real!”, reminding her that dogs aren’t allowed in their block of flats. But then, one night, Mallory really does…get real!


Nomi’s straightforward-thinking voice is a gift for a read aloud, as you're pulled in to the beating heart of this busy (Black) family, squeezed in to their high rise urban flat. ‘Lovely exploration of the power of imagination. Good to see characterisation of a young girl with resilience, creativity and confidence, dance to the beat of her own drum’ (Farrah, CLPE Learning Programme Leader, Letterbox Library Reviewer). Age 4-7, Paperback 31pp


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