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A Black boy sprints along an athletic track. Bright yellow background. Subtitle reads, Running For His Life, Or From It?

by Jason Reynolds


“I probably hold the world record for knowing about the most world records. That, and for eating the most sunflower seeds”. Meet Ghost a.k.a. Castle Cranshaw: sunflower-seed-chewer, domestic violence/PTSD survivor, from the poorer side of town and a runner. The runner of all runners, A runner who just can’t stop running. Will the discovery of a run club and a one-of-a-kind Coach hone his talents and help him find the meaning of “home”?


Jason Reynolds’ middle grade debut and first in a series by fresh, indie UK publishers, Knights Of.  Expertly works with ‘mature’ material but in an entirely age-appropriate way. Black-American protagonist. Beautifully paced with a truly endearing lead character in the shape of Ghost. Age 9-14, Paperback 205pp


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    No Outsiders
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