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by Ian Eagleton


“School can be touch. Life can be tough…Glitter Boy is about allowing yourself to shine and sparkle and never giving up, even when the darkness seems to be drawing around you” (Author Ian Eagleton).


Highly readable coming-of-age middle grade fiction starring 11-year-old James, creator of most extravagant dance routines, lifetime member of the Mariah Carey fan club and a staunch believer in staying fabulous. But lately, fabulousness is feeling hard to sustain with an absent mum, a taciturn dad, a changing friendship group, a beloved Nan who is getting frailer by the day and… the daily taunts of classmate Paul. And why does his tummy start to fizz when his teacher mentions his husband-to-be and…there it goes again!...when he’s around new friend, Joel.


An empathetic story about finding the strength to stay true to yourself in the midst of Big Life Changes and in the face of bullies. The novel’s (part-autobiographical) study in homophobic bullying, internalised homophobia and the ways in which boys and men ‘police’ each other’s gender expressions and sexuality is brilliantly conveyed. There are some nice references to queer history along the way, from the extraordinary courage of Martha P. Johnson to the shameful legacy of Section 28! The debut novel by former teacher and winner of the inaugural Polari Prize’s Children’s Award with picture book, Nen and the Lonely Fisherman (also available from us). ‘This is a book to read more than once. Although the surface story is about bullying, it is also more nuanced. The bullying touches the parts of James that he is exploring but of which he is also most fearful’ (Sylvia, former Children's Social Work Director, Letterbox Library reviewer). Age 9-13, Paperback 356pp



Themes: Gender Equality    Themes: LQBTQ+   Themes: Diverse Families   Themes: Bullying


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