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Busy urban pack scene with diverse characters across abilities, ethnicities and faiths. Children are playing.

by Fran Manushkin
illustrated by Lauren Tobia


"This is how we all begin: small and happy in our skin". A gorgeously inclusive book which gets giddy about skin! A rich text marvels at how skin keeps "your insides in", at how clever it is at growing, at healing and how it responds to the outside environment. Most of all, it celebrates the diversity of our skin and the importance of feeling happy in your skin. This joyful book has so many purposes: it can function very simply as an early science/biology book for the very young or it can be used as a subtle yet brilliant tool in challenging prejudice and in empowering children to feel confident in their skin and in their body. 'Lovely, evocative descriptions of colours- peaches & cream, honey/gold...What's not to like?' (Maggie, former EY Adviser, LL reviewer). 'Very positive about skin colours/purpose of skin. Joyful illustrations' (Rosalind, EY Consultant, LL reviewer). (Portrayals of different ethnicities, faiths and disabilities as well as diverse family structures). Age 3-6, Paperback 24pp


Themes: Disabilities 


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