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by Kay Barnham


One of our most renowned fossil hunters and dinosaur experts and the source material for the tongue twister, 'She sells seashells on the seashore'! Born into poverty in Lyme Regis, Mary Anning developed a knowledge of fossils which soon exceeded that of many of the (male) palaeontologists around her. Her contribution is finally, finally, being recognised in literature and film. In 2010, the Royal Society of London included her in their list of the 10 most important UK women in the history of science. A skilfully told biography which is ideal for lovers of non-fiction with its archive pictures, quote boxes, timeline, glossary, newspaper cuttings etc. Clearly sets out Anning's achievements and legacy within a wider context of gender and class. Enjoyed by our 8-year-old reviewer, Vuso: 'I liked this book. It's interesting and I liked the pictures. Yeh'...As well as our retired primary teacher reviewer, Eileen: 'Great to see a book about the wonderful work of Mary Anning. It's sad that she wasn't able to achieve the recognition she deserved in her lifetime. This book addresses the balance a little'. Age 7-10, Paperback 27p


Themes: Gender Equality


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