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The title is in a speech bubble. A bespectacled Black girl addresses this to a ginger cat.

by Evgenia Golubeva


Olivia is tired of her nickname; tired of being called, "Mouse". Each time she’s called it -pop!- she turns into a little purple mouse, which can be hazardous, especially when there’s a large hungry cat nearby. Finally, Olivia bawls, “I’m not a MOUSE!” and refuses to answer to her pet name. Her mum apologises and makes amends. But then she notices her friends suffereing the same fate! Lyla's dad calls her, "Pumpkin" and Husam’s aunty calls him, "Sweet Pea"! Culminates in a glorious, double page, spread of a range of families (including single-sex parents) addressing their Cutie Bear, Kitten, Treasure etc. with expected results... This extends to the inside back cover where there is a generous display of pet names in different languages, from Mon Petit Chou to My Possum. Single parent (mum), mixed race, family; range of ethnicities, including Hijabi women; casual disability images including wheelchair users and a child with a limb difference.


‘I loved everything about this book- the illustrations, the font, the story, the different characters and the diversity of them all. Loved the pet names and the different languages’ (Meryl, EY Consultant & Trainer, Letterbox Library reviewer). Age 3-6Paperback 28pp


Themes: Diverse Families


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