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by Patrice Lawrence

Indigo is a girl with secrets who is just managing to keep things together in her latest foster home. Middle-class, aspiring musician, Bailey is dazzled by her and wants to get to know her better. Just as the two become closer, they are threatened by the appearance of a mysterious stranger who seems to know far too much about Indigo's past. The second YA novel from Patrice Lawrence about whom we are unashamedly biased. Lawrence is an absolute beacon on the landscape of YA fiction. Her plots are perfectly paced, dashing the reader forward, while threaded through with layers and details which give satisfying pauses. And, as with her YA debut, Orangeboy (stocked by us), the characters feel like they have been imagined and thought over for years before they have even touched the pages. The tenderness of Bailey with his well-intentioned but clumsy interruptions into Indigo's life and the fierce, beautiful strength of Indigo as she survives and triumphs over the hurt of her childhood, drive these characters right into your melting heart. (Secondary characters include rock goddess, Debbie Harry/Blondie, who plays a key role in bringing Indigo and Bailey together). A satisfyingly complex mystery, an utterly credible, aching teen romance, this hits the spot- all the spots! Extra style points for Bailey's ginger afro which fires up the gorgeously designed front cover. Finally, this wins our award for a portrayal of a young person in the care system- this is a wholly respectful, empowering and authentic treatment. 'This addictive teenage tale feels fresh and important' (Alex O'Connell, The Times Children's Book of the week 22/7/17). (Some extra points on inclusive content: for those of you on the look out for well drawn mixed race characters, Bailey won't disappoint. We were big fans too of Felix, Indigo's gay foster brother.) Age 14+, Paperback 441pp


Themes: LGBTQ+


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