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A white girl with a hearing aid, holding a magnifying glass and an Animal Rescue shoulder bag runs after a Dalmatian puppy.

by Megan Rix
illustrated by Tim Budgen


Lizzie can think of at least 100 ideas of why having a dog would be a really, really, very good idea. Her best birthday present last year was a hearing-aid headband which came with cute doggie charms. This year she's hoping for a real dog who she can train to be a hearing dog. But then, one day, Lizzie spots something wriggly being bundled into the back of a grotty white van- and soon Mission Puppy Rescue is launched.

Stars a disabled protagonist who is, refreshingly, seen within a wider deaf and hearing community. Mum and Dad also both wear hearing aids and the three of them sign together at home. The author herself wears hearing aids. Backnotes include a signing alphabet and a practical guide to being a supremo detective, including all of the equipment you'll need to amass, from tweezers to magnifying glass. Age 6-9, Paperback 151pp


Themes: Disabilities 


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