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by Susie Day


"Max wasn't good at much. Every teacher he'd ever had had made that pretty clear. But Max wasn't bad at this. He was stepping up. He was being the big man, a chip off the old block; Big Pete Kowalski's little twin". Since the loss of his Mum, Max has tried to live up to being the Big Guy- a role he takes on with renewed energy when his Dad, always on this side of 'trouble', pulls off a night time disappearance leaving behind wads of cash. To protect his sisters, Max takes them off to a remote part of Snowdonia with its resident mountain dragon, setting the scene for Max to fight his inner and outer monsters. A family adventure story, spun through an exploration of 'masculinities' as one boy struggles to emulate the role model closest to home- his dad- while challenged by the other role models he encounters on his journey: the artistic, Oxfam-ified Tal and his dads, gentle Bill alongside his partner, the bearded and tattooed giant- Michael. Age 8-11, Paperback 223pp


Themes: Gender Equality   Themes: Diverse Families   Themes: LGBTQ+


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    No Outsiders
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