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by Elys Dolan


Shortlisted Little Rebels Award 2023

Mr Bunny is back! And this time he has his eye on Coop Town's mayorship. And if that means a campaign of audacious lies, fearmongering and smearing opponents like nice and sensible chook, Debbie, then who's he to hold back? All boring Debbie has to offer is creating change through teamwork and cooperation. But Mayor Bunny promises to rebuild CoopTown in... chocolate! Until he doesn't. We last saw Mr Bunny in Mr Bunny's Chocolate Factory (also for sale here) which was also shortlisted for the Little Rebels Award- in 2018. It's hoppingly fabulous to see him back, reaching out for another grasp at power and, inevitably, tripping up... An ode to democracy and sounding a death knell for fake news and electoral corruption. "Made me smile. Maybe a copy could be sent to Boris- for his children of course!" (Eileen, Former Primary Teacher, Letterbox Library reviewer). Age 4-7, Paperback 29pp


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