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A Black child is at the very bottom. He looks up to multiple splashes of different colours which encircle the title words.

by Benjamin Dean


"Pride is all about family, both the ones you're given and the ones you make." 12-year-old Archie M Albright has a couple of secrets, one of them being his middle name. But, very soon he's going to become the holder of an Even Bigger Secret. His dad is about to come out and leave the family home. How will Archie muddle through this new found knowledge? Can he and his dad stay the same if his dad isn't...well...quite the same? Can a road trip to London Pride, accompanied by brilliant besties, Seb and Bell, answer any of his questions?

A perfectly uplifting adventure in which bonds of family and friendships are rebooted, rediscovered, treasured and nurtured. A happy cast of secondary characters include non-binary Boo, gay teen couple Oscar and Dean, drag queens Lester and Michael and my personal favourite, Viv, a treasure of an 'older' lesbian parental figure. It is so delightful to finally see a smattering of middle grade novels with LGBTQ+ content and to have one written by 'our' very own UK creator seems all the more precious. Thank you, Benjamin Dean.
Best Pride slogan: 'Pride is Still a Protest!'
Bonus: a beautiful, inside front cover, full colour illustration of Pride by Sandhya Prabhat. Mixed race protagonist; Achie's dad is a gay man of colour as is the novel's creator. Age 8-13, Paperback 331pp


Themes: LQBTQ+


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