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Milo Imagines the World cover shows a bespectacled boy of colour smiling, surrounded by his pictures and doodles.

by Matt de la Peña
illustrated by Christian Robinson


From the team who brought you the magnificent, award-winning, Last Stop on Market Street! One Sunday, each month, Milo pops on board an underground train to visit his mum. Every time, he feels like a "shook-up soda" with a belly full of butterflies. To distract the wobbles, he carefully notes every passenger, from the concentrating whiskered man beside him to the child with the brightest whitest Nikes to the young break dancing women who walk up the walls. (Count the faces turned down to mobile phones while Milo peers around and about everywhere!) With each one, he imagines their lives- where they live, how they live. But are his imaginations anywhere close to the truth? And where will his journey take him? A fantastic story and a really good platform for talking about how we form assumptions and judgements about others. Expressive, poetic language, perfect for extending vocabulary. The interjection of Milo's own casual crayon pictures are a lovely touch. (Theme: family in prison) Age 4-8, Paperback 36pp


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