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by Jarrett Dapier
illustrated by Andrea Tsurumi


Mr Watson (White) lives with Mr Nelson (East Asian). In a honking house. In a honking city. With a titchy yard, shared with 2 dogs, 3 cats and a mere handful of chickens. Except, before long, the chicken numbers start to grow. And grow. One day the chickens count in at 456. The noise, topped off by Aunt Agnes clucking Shooby-doo on a loop, becomes a little challenging. Especially for Mr. Nelson, who threatens to leave. What can Mr. Watson do? He loves his chickens. But he loves Mr. Nelson far more. The silliest of chook tales which incidentally stars a same-sex couple. (Some nice background context too in the incredibly detailed Where's-Wally-esque spreads: rainbow and trans pride flags; an ethnically diverse wider community, a range of families etc.) Age 3-6, Hardback 40pp


Themes: LQBTQ+


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    No Outsiders
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