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by Laura Henry-Allain
illustrated by Giovana Medeiros


"No matter what a family looks like, it's the love within that counts".
Letterbox Library has a long history of sourcing and selling books which truly reflect families in all of their diversity and this new title from storyteller, educator and consultant, Laura Henry-Allain, really has surpassed itself! Every conceivable family structure is in here from single parented families to families headed up by same-sex parents to blended families to kinship families (where children are raised by other relatives). There are some excellent extended sections on children joining families though adoption and fostering and we also learn about children conceived through surrogacy and donorship. The definition of family itself is gloriously expansive, embracing communities, neighbourhoods and, even, families where there are no children at all. There are newly created words so as we can talk about families in their fullest possibilities- Diblings! Par! Tummy Mummy! And then we observe all of these busy units in their very different homes (incl. caravans, boats, hotels, high rises), celebrating different festivals, out and about having family time and going through big transitions such as a new baby, separation, divorce and the loss of a parent. The beamingly bright illustrations are perfectly matched to the generous inclusiveness of the text and include lots of disability representations. The entire package is such a joy. 'The range of families on display is delightfully diverse and the illustrations are explicitly inclusive' (Mark Jennett, Equalities Trainer/Consultant, LL reviewer). 'The most inclusive family book ever!' (Kerry, Letterbox Library Staff). Includes the helpful 'A note for adults reading this book'. Age 4-8, Hardback 28pp


Themes: Disabilities   Themes: Diverse Families   Themes: LGBTQ+


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