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Cover shows three children stood outside against a full sun. In the foreground is Sunshine Simpson, a girl of colour.f

by G.M. Linton


“I loved this book. It reflects Sunshine’s Jamaican culture and celebrates the diverse community she lives in…It looks at difficult subjects like bullying, cancer, illness, death and racism in a way which allows them to be considered” (Sylvia, former Children's Social Work Director, Letterbox Library reviewer). If that list of subjects makes this title sound unrelentingly intense, think again. This novel’s success lies in it ability to carry all of those solidly real-life issues with thought, delicacy and, very often, an uplifting shower of humour. This is largely because, at the centre is a beautifully bonded family and a starry protagonist. 10-year-old Sunshine lives with her “Twinzies” siblings, her parents and her Grandad Bobby, who dashed out pearls of joyful wisdom at the drop of his pork pie hat, sometimes with a dash of patois or rap. Add to this, Sunshine’s tight-as-tight school ‘family of Charley and Arun. But the warm hug of Sunshine’s families is being chipped away at by classmate, Meanie Frenemy Evie, her own self-doubts, and, most significantly, Grandad Bobby’s slowly increasing frailty. Can Sunshine’s foundations push her through this unravelling? The beginning of a fresh, new middle grade series and this first novel includes some excellent moments of Black History from Sunshine’s mum’s self-empowerment anthems to her dad’s rol call of Black scientists to Grandad’s account of coming to the UK from Jamaica on the Arosa Star. All of these histories are effusively brought together in Sunshine’s final, poignant and affirming, school showcase. And the reader even gets a sneaky look at ‘Sunshine’s Notes’ on Black History in the back pages. Age 8-12, Paperback 360pp


Themes: Bullying   Themes: Diverse Families   Themes: Black History


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