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by Ian Eagleton
illustrated by James Mayhew


Nen the Merman yearns for...something...and every night he leaves his underwater kingdom to go a-seeking. Ernest the fisherman also aches for...something...and spends his evenings gazing out on to a moonlit sea. A tender song over the waves brings the two together, bathing them in hope and happiness. But Palagios, ruler of the underwater kingdom, is about to exact his anger on the ocean polluters above...Can Nen and Ernest survive the ensuing storm?

The last time we had such a lyrical evocation of an intimate relationship between men was surely back in the days of 'Hello Sailor' (2003 UK; 2000 the Netherlands). How wonderful to now have something home-grown, from a UK author/illustrator team, and one which equivocates far less and, instead, joyfully celebrates romantic love between two men. An absolute treat. (Also a brilliant take on The Little Mermaid and an excellent environmental subtext.) Age 4-8, Paperback 26pp


Themes: LQBTQ+


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    No Outsiders
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