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text by Serena Patel
with b&w illustrations by Louise Forshaw


"This is family life, Sonal- messy and full of surprises, mostly not picture perfect!"

Sonal's school project is based on the theme of 'Family'. But she's going to find it hard to pull it off when her own family time is in such short supply- brother Jay can't stay off gaming long enough; sister Reena is either on her laptop or out protesting; mum and dad are welded to their phones. Meantime, classmate Dina is proving extra tough competition with her mum endlessly Instagramming their family bliss. If Grandpa Nanna pitches in, can Sonal get all her family in one place at the one time? UK South Asian family (+ a nice smattering of Gujarati words here and there). 'I think this book is a great book for younger kids. It shows good family bonding and also shows that no families are perfect' (Isak, young Letterbox Library reviewer). Reading Age 8+, Interest Age 9+, Paperback 79pp


Themes: Diverse Families


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