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by Alice Hoyle
illustrated by Lauren Reis


6-year-old Little Bea has a special pretend friend, Nye Nye, who has green wings and who is great for making mud pies and carpet-flying with. On the days Bea doesn't want to play with Nye Nye, she simply waves Bye Bye and Nye Nye disappears. Big Jay has very different pretend friends. These ones stick around whether Jay wants them to or not- and they make him feel sad and scared. A fantastically clever book which explains hallucinations caused by schizophrenia and other mental health illnesses to very young children and which also helps children think about ways adults with these hallucinations can be meaningfully supported. Very child-friendly and child-appropriate. "I love the idea of this book as I love books that tackle issues that some people will be lazy and pass off as 'it's too difficult to explain to a child'" (Josephine, teen reviewer for Letterbox Library). "An amazing book that tackles a difficult topic" (Elaine, Educational Psychologist, Letterbox Library reviewer). Comes with lots of supportive back notes. The author is an Advisory Teacher for the PSHE Association and is a member of Rethink Mental Health. Age 4-8, Hardback 36pp


Themes: Mental Health and Wellbeing


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