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The title words are in banners. Surrounding these are eight famous lgbt+ people. Subtitle: 23 People Who Changed the World.

by Sarah Prager


One of the brightest anthologies of LGBT History we've seen - and there are very few to speak of! Appropriate for Teen readers, this brings together the remarkable stories of 'queer' people who made their mark, sometimes extremely loudly- as in the case of, for example, bawdy Roman emperor Elagabalus and Gertrude 'Ma' Rainey -and rather more quietly- such as in the lives of Alan Turing, Abraham Lincoln, George Takei and Eleanor Roosevelt. 23 mini biographies startle, entertain and inspire. 'Queer' is used as the all-embracing term it is meant to represent covering the spectrum from gay and lesbian activists to icons who played with their sexuality and their gender. As the author, activist/public speaker/writer, Sarah Prager says, "It matters that we say and demonstrate how queerness itself is as old as time, because people still find it counterintuitive to their conceptions of history". A great collection with an excellent gender balance and BAME representation; written with an enchanting lightness, humour and 'chattiness'! Age 14+, American Import, Paperback 258pp


Themes: LGBTQ+


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