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A large tawny owl perches on an autumnal tree branch against a starry night sky.

by Helen Stephens


Every night, Ben calls out, “Hoo-hoo!” towards the old beech tree and, every night, Mr Hoot echoes with a “Hoo-hoo!”. But whenever Ben points out his feathered pal to his mum and dad, neither of them can see him. And then, one Spring, Ben spots a ‘Tree Felling’ sign under Mr Hoot’s tree. He’s devastated . Can he make any of the adults see Mr Hoot before it’s too late? Inspired by the author’s own experience and dedicated to “all the wildlife that lives in our towns.” Warm and comforting with ‘downy’, watercolour illustrations. ‘Every page is a delight and is sensitive and fun’ (Meryl, EY Consultant & Trainer, Letterbox Library reviewer). ‘I loved this. Children will too…an engaging story with a happy ending’ (Eileen, Former Primary Teacher, Letterbox Library reviewer). Mixed race family. Age 4-7, Paperback 31pp


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    No Outsiders
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