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by Gill Lewis


WINNER Little Rebels Award 2015

Scarlet is used to looking after her little brother so when her mum's depression results in them being split up into different foster homes, Scarlet is determined to get her brother back. Explores mental health and the complexities of the care system (without demonizing any social workers!) Little Rebels Judge, Kim Reynolds, said: 'Scarlet Ibis stands out as a book that not only fulfils the criteria for the award but is also excellently crafted...a story that celebrates the often overlooked courage, loyalty and competence of children. As Gill Lewis acknowledges, some children are already changing their worlds. Scarlet Ibis will encourage others to think about how they might improve conditions for wildlife and vulnerable people, young and old'. Accepting the award, Gill Lewis said, '(The award) reminds me to keep on being a little rebel. Because being a rebel isn't just about challenging the big's also about challenging everyday things; it's about not letting prejudice sneak in...(because) it comes in in celebrity jokes or it rides on the back of politicians tapping into our fears'. You can see her full acceptance speech here: Ages 9-12, Paperback 203pp


Themes: Disabilities   Themes: Diverse Families   Themes: Mental Health and Wellbeing


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