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by Rosie Jones
illustrated by Natalie Smillie


The first in a brilliantly funny middle grade series from TV comic, Rosie Jones. Step into the life of Edie Eckhart, bursting with heart and humour, as she starts secondary school in Bridlington (Yorkshire). Confident that she will breeze through with her forever best friend by her side -Oscar: mutual sausage roll lover, mega-Marvel fan, the fish to her chips, her (literal) picker upper- Edie soon discovers that not all friendships can stay the same. A saccharine cover belies a sharp and witty coming-of-age story. Like her author, Edie has cerebral palsy which means she talks slowly and often falls over. In representing this disability, this novel is smart and honest. the narrative isn't issue-driven but nor is it glibly inclusive. People's prejudices and ignorance about disabled lives rear up and are challenged with sparky come backs. As for Edie's quest for a boyfriend...well it doesn't end up quite where she expected it to... A thoroughly 'casual' inclusive cast of characters include: friend Oscar who is Black; Flora who is Japanese and is a carer to her mum (who lives with MS); Edie's lesbian teacher. 'The joy of the book is the way Rosie Jones allows us to travel with Edie as she works through when to pick herself up and when to ask for support; when to challenge and when to explain. Best of all, from looking for a boyfriend to discovering ...(someone/no spoilers here)... over time and with such gentleness and joy' (Sylvia, former Children's Social Work Director, Letterbox Library reviewer). Age 9-12, Paperback 233pp


Themes: Disabilities   Themes: LGBTQ+   Themes: Diverse Families  


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