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by Lauren Ace
illustrated by Jenny Løvlie


"They came to realise that no boy is an island and the bravest way to face problems is to talk and listen". The companion book to The Girls, winner of the Waterstone's Children's Book Prize 2019 and also featured on our website. Meet Rey, Nattie, Bobby and Tam and watch them grow from young children bobbing in the sea, as close as brothers, to teenagers who compete and forge impendent lives, to young men who come back together in a forever bond. Superb. A much needed and brilliantly executed challenge to toxic masculinity, promoting kindness, patience, active listening and empathy between boys/men. And we're proud to say that one of our very own reviewers, Darren Chetty (also co-author of What Is Masculinity? on this website), gave critical feedback on an early draft of this book; you may spot a (pictorial) tribute to him in the book itself!

'This is an absolute gem!! How to nurture and maintain relationships between boys/men- it's brilliant!' (Jayne, Inclusion Manager, Letterbox Library reviewers). 'Beautifully illustrated, gentle friendship story. Very inclusive. I love it. Outstanding' (June, Parent, Letterbox Library reviewer). [Extra n.b. on representation: a range of ethnicities; Nattie has two mums; Tam grows up to marry a man]. Age 4-7, Paperback 24pp


Themes: Gender Equality


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