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by Patrice Lawrence


Pitched as 'The Mystery of the Millennium' and dedicated to 'To Dreamers'. A sizzling fantasy-slashed-with-whodunnit (or should that be whatdunnit?) set in a Georgian London and led by a devilishly brilliant detective duo. London is trademark Patrice Lawrence: a leading star in its own right. This city lives, slithers, festers. Iconic monuments take on unexpected shape: Hyde Park gives up ghosts; the Serpentine really snaaaaaakes. A wonderfully busy cast of characters include the Cursing Boar of Fleet Ditch, versed in 83 languages (learn your London Horse!); a genuinely creepy villain in the form of a rusty-round the-edges Bo Peep (steel yourself for her lullaby earworm); Turnbell-of-Turnbill-Brook performed by a woman in breeches and waistcoat. And then, there are, of course the Elemental spirits who co-exist with the human population: the earthy-clay Magogs, watery Chads, fiery Dragons and airy Fumi. And, finally our heroes: Marisse and Robert, the latter based on the real life 18th century teenager, Jonathan Strong, a significant name in UK Black History which should be shouted much louder. This gives 'middle grade' readers the rich reading they deserve. Plus, the 'finish' is wonderful: an illustrated map of London landmarks leads you in; backnotes include: factual sources; a breakdown of those Elements; a note on the real Jonathan Strong; a pickle of a riddle. A gorgeous tactile book cover is dashed about with gold and the end pages have been sprayed with pure dragon fire breath! Best news of all? It's the first in a series...

"A novel where the key characters aren't white, male and middle class and don't have to have special powers to be the heroes. They just 'are'. Which is something to celebrate!...And it has a wonderful underpinning thread that women are powerful." (Sylvia, former Children's Social Work Director, Letterbox Library reviewer). Age 9-14, Paperback 402pp


Themes: Black History


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