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Cover shows four girls with different skin tones climbing and playing in a tree.

by Lauren Ace
illustrated by Jenny Løvlie


"This is the story of four girls, but it is also the story of womankind. Together #WeAreTheGirls". Meet Sasha, Lottie, Alice and Leela- held together through a friendship so unbreakable it frees them to explore their separate lives. A unique picture book which shows the close friendship between four children and then the maturing of this relationship into adulthood. As the four stride out into new experiences, work, adventures, loves and independent lives, they remain held together through unassailable roots of support and kindness. A tribute to the transformative healing powers of friendship and how true intimacy between friends can be a balm for life. With words and illustrations full of heart and teaming with affirmation, children will love joining the characters on their journey and will feel buoyed by the subtle, but ever-present, message to be who they want to be. (This title also performs 'casual inclusion' at it best- a multicultural group of friends, the illustrations also show Sasha, a young black woman, setting up home with a female partner and mid-way, there is a gorgeous image of the girls leading a Pride parade which bursts with rainbow flags and multicoloured heart balloons). 'Finally, an authentic representation of female friendship which isn't all saccharine and glitter' (Fen, LL staff and reviewer). 'I liked this very much! It's beautifully told-friendships endures through a lifetime.. the gentle respect they have for one another and their allowance of difference shines through the book' (Eileen, Former Primary teacher, LL reviewer). Age 4-7, Paperback 29pp


Themes: Gender Equality 


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