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by Sharna Jackson


Longlisted for the Little Rebels Award 2023
Winner Crimefest 2023 Best Crime Novel for Children

"The Copseys is all about community action. A unique opportunity to make, go and do. To create. To initiate. The Copseys is the three of us -to start- but we will, eventually, become a global movement of young people creating change". 11-year-old Josie wants more. More than her Luton cul-de-sac. She thinks Big. She imagines Big. She wants to do Big. And, she wants her pals, Margot and Wesley, her Copsey Close neighbours, to join forces with her, signatories to The Copsey Code. And then, surely, surely, an Adventure will come to them. And, then, it most surely does...

A fantastic little thriller with a diverse cast of characters which develops into a powerful indictment of the 2018 Windrush Scandal. Along the way, this pacy plot also spotlights class and economic differences, immigration, racism, life as a young carer and corrupt corporate practises. Josie is influenced in her activism by a real figure from Black History, Josephine Holloway, who challenged racial segregation within the scouting movement in the 1930s. An author backnote gives fuller details on the Windrush Scandal. A super read led by the good turns and hearts of young people. Age 9-12, Paperback 376pp


Themes: Refugees and Migration   Themes: Black History


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