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A girl in a swirling red dress floats through the clouds. On a paper airplane above is her older sibling- a hijabi girl.

by Ibtihaj Muhammad with S. K. Ali
illustrated by Hatem Aly


“Mama holds up the dress. My sister Asiya’s dress. Before that, Mama’s dress. Now it’s mine.”


It’s picture day! Faizah gets to wear a very special red dress and she gets to fix sister Ayisa’s hijab with the sparkliest ever pin. When she gets to school, it turns out there is something else special about the day: Ms Ramirez has a new class project and asks everyoneo imagine and describe the sort of world they want to live in. Faizah decides she wants a kind world and together, with friend Sophie, they set out to “grow a kind-powered world”. All through break and lunchtime they look out for classmates who might need a helping hand from bouncing a ball with Mali to settling a skipping-rope fight to tying Sophie’s sash… and then retying Sophie’s sash.


At last, it’s class picture time, followed by, even better, sibling picture time. But, oh no! What’s this? Faizah spots that all the other siblings are wearing complementary clothes, while she and Asiya simply don’t match! Help is at hand. Kindness comes full circle as some of the children who Faiza helped earlier gather round. And soon, Faizah and Ayisa are ready to pose for the best Picture Day photo ever.


A celebration of an ever increasing circle of kindness, from the team who brought you The Proudest Blue (also on this website). ‘I really enjoyed this book about relationships and kindness. There is so much in the illustrations, including lots of humour’ (Kerry, Letterbox Library staff). [Some body diversity in different shapes/sizes and one of the children is a wheelchair user]. Age 4-7, Hardback 33pp


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