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3 children, one with crutches, with their backs to us, look up at the stars. Foreground has bottles and fish in gold foil.

by Lisette Auton


Mimi feels her life is tottering precariously at the intersection of way too many transitions. She’s started secondary school, her friends are changing and, worst of all, her gran has started forgetting. With her forgetting, cracks have become visible all around their home. But only Mimi can see them. One day, a crow appears from nowhere. Once again, only Mimi can see them. Thankfully, with her new band of pals, the Stickleback Catchers, mysteries will get exposed and memories found.


Auton’s trademark magical realism captures a coming-of-age journey which also rushes  towards greater understanding and a new acceptance. Stars a neurodiverse protagonist (who also uses crutches) and features a character with an unspecified illness which causes immense fatigue and a non-binary character. By a northern-based, disabled, writer, award-winning poet, all-round creative and activist. Auton’s debut, Haven Point (also on this website), was shortlisted for the Little Rebels Award in 2023. Age 9-12, Paperback 378pp


Themes: Gender Equality   Themes: Disabilities


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    No Outsiders
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