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A child and grandma of colour sit on a rock at the sea's edge. We see a colorful seabed. A seal bobs up to greet them.

by Anna Wilson

illustrated by Jenny Løvlie


A child rushes down onto the beach, their favourite place in the world, a place where the sea offers up treasures: driftwood, periwinkles, cuttlefish and, as Gran points out, a bobbing seal! Overnight there’s a fierce storm bringing rumbling skies and wild waves and, in the morning, the beach is messy, awash with things which shouldn’t be there, an entirely human-made mess. “This was the best place in the Whole Wide World. Until today”, says the child gloomily. But what's this? People appear over the horizon, bringing with them wheelbarrows and rakes and bin bags. A community works hard together until, finally, we see a seal-shaped head bobbing above the water again.


A clear environmental message, beautifully illustrated and with a rich vocabulary which introduces seaside birdlife and water creatures.  Also has a lovely presentation of an active grandparent as a primary carer. ‘Positive message of clearing up human litter’ (June, Disability Activist, Letterbox Library reviewer). ‘It’s a book that makes you want to visit a beach! Lovely illustrations. Enriching, accurate vocab. Gently encouraging that whilst the mess on the beach might not be of our own making, we can pick it up to make it beautiful once more’ (Eileen, Former Primary Teacher, Letterbox Library reviewer). Scan the inside cover QR code for a free audio reading of the book. Published in collaboration with the National Trust. (Lead characters of colour). Age 4-7, Paperback 29pp


Themes: Diverse Families 


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