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White girl with pigtails wearing superhero clothes, including lighting boots. She stands with hands on hips.

by Naomi Jones

illustrated by Rebecca Ashdown


Trixie is the smallest person in Primrose Tower and the loudest in the neighbourhood; they call her, fondly, ‘Thunderboots’. When she starts at Big School, Trixie is delighted with her new teacher, her new pals, all the new things she gets to learn, plus the brilliant dragon stories. Never short of enthusiasm for learning, she still finds getting on top of her letters very, very tricky. If only they wouldn’t do that funny dancing all over the page. Will talking to Dad help? Can she learn to channel her superpowers like him? An endearing story about a child who is dyslexic and is ultimately supported in finding new ways of learning at school.


‘Picture books featuring positive portrayals of children with SEN are still in relatively short supply. This is a nice addition. Good, child-friendly, explanation’ (Mark Jennett, Equalities Trainer/Consultant, Letterbox Library reviewer). Includes a supportive front note from the author who was diagnosed with dyslexia in their early 20s. [Single parent/dad family; a range of ethnicities represented including a boy wearing a patka]. Age 4-7, Paperback 29pp


Themes: Diverse Families    Themes: Disabilities


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