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A girl stands in front of a large blue suitcase which is decorated with tickets and stickers, including a globe.

by Gillian Hibbs


It is extremely rare to find children's books which represent families who aren't well off or which nod to socio-economic status at all. It is perfectly implied in this story as it presents a situation which a great many families will relate to. Tilly's school friends are all excited about the holidays they're taking with their families both at home and abroad, but her own (single parent) mum doesn't seem to have any such plans lined up...the suitcase is simply gathering dust, just as it always does... But then, Tilly's At Home Holiday begins and it is an absolute whirl of treats and adventures including breakfast in bed, fighting dragons (in the library), taking cover from ferocious beasties (in the local park), genie's lamps (at the market) and camping with blankies and hot cocoa (indoors). A lovely celebration of family, time spent together and, indeed, what a local neighbourhood can offer in the way of free entertainment! (Casual images of disabled characters included). Age 3-6, Paperback 29pp


Themes: Disabilities 


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