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A white child with a peaked hat tends to a large sunflower. There is a watering can nearby.

by Hilary Robinson
illustrated by Mandy Stanle


The children are busy turning the class into a bright sparkly theatre, inspired by Amber and Skye's travelling theatre lifestyle, since it's their turn for 'Show and Tell'. All the children muck in- except for quiet, tearful Hana, who has recently found out that her parents are splitting up. But Mr Davis is on hand with a comforting story which he shares with the class about another child whose parents separated, who came gradually to see that it wasn't his fault...a child who grew up strong and resilient and then grew all the way up to be...Mr Davis himself! Another spot-on, sensitive, gently humorous book for children from the Copper Tree series; makes you glow from the inside. Nice representation of Traveller children (Amber and Skye) and stars Barnie again (who wears a hearing aid). Age 4-7, Paperback 26pp


Themes: Disabilities 


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